12-Step Marketing Solutions Online Workbook
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12-Step Marketing Solutions Online Workbook

Is Your Marketing Strategy Out-of-Date?

Nurturing meaningful relationships is still accomplished by traditional means and still includes a dynamic process of: 1) Research 2) Planning 3) Communication, and 4) Evaluation.


The 3 Marketing Tactics Your Business Will Not Survive Without

Recently I received a question from an associate within my LinkedIN network. Subject: Need your advice Hi Justine, Sorry to bother you, I noticed you were in my network and in marketing and was wondering if you had any suggestions on driving traffic to my site. It’s just a basic gift basket site but I’m … Continue reading

5 Social Media Mistakes

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube account you are part of the social-media (SM) revolution; if you are currently active and consistently engage with these or other social-media networks you are well on your way to greater business and personal success! Still there are ways to ruin your social-media strategy by making … Continue reading

Promote with Video!

Marketing ALa Carte & Sara Aderhold, Editor complete video project: Dean Savoca, Keynote http://ping.fm/H7hG0 http://ping.fm/b42fV

Great Marketing Tool!

Great Social Media Tool – you can instantly update your SM sites saving time and money. http://www.ping.fm/

The 6 Biggest Marketing Mistakes

1) Not marketing at all. — Every successful business has one thing in common– customers, and businesses get customers through marketing. 2) No written plan. — A written plan helps you look at things from a long-term perspective – (budget, target markets, strategic messages, etc.) 3) Lack of commitment. — A serious long- term commitment … Continue reading

What is Your Most Powerful Sales Tool?

QUESTIONS —- It is almost impossible to not answer a question. For example: What did you do last evening? Immediately you will begin to visualize a picture in your mind — We are able to direct the thinking of our clients and prospects with well thought out questions. Here’s what well phrased and directed questions … Continue reading